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Make it Home Safe

Dot, the Safety Sentinel, urges motorists to take extra precautions in highway work zones this year by buckling up, slowing down and giving plenty of space to other vehicles. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will highlight work zone safety awareness throughout April 2023. Be our safety superheroes by paying extra attention in work zones this spring!

Slow Down in Work Zones

Use caution in all work zones.

Enroll in the WorkZoneSafe Course

You can help teen drivers learn more about how to navigate work zones safely by taking the online course. It’s free, easy to use and just might help save a life.

Drive Safely in Work Zones

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and its partners want teen drivers to learn about work zone safety through a short, online course that helps prepare them for the unexpected in highway work zones. Help us teach young drivers that the lives outside of the vehicle are just as important as the ones inside their cars.

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